Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Popteen April 2012 Diet Scans!


 The girl above, it seems she's doing a bit of belly dancing which I really recommend to slim down your waist!

 Showing a bit of massages and yoga. If you look on the bottom right you can see some almonds. Almonds are a great snack, they fill you up and they're really healthy!

 More massages (^_^)

Now what caught my eye is that they have a picture of an avocado. During the early 2000, they did a study in Australia (Or New Zealand....can't remember XD)on avocados, and what they have found is that more people lost weight by eating these yummy vegetables!

 A lot of people try to avoid them because it contains more fat than the average vegetable, but what they don't realize is that it's full of HEALTHY FAT. This healthy fat basically removes the UNHEALTHY fat which slims you down. Ever since I found out about this I've been buying avocados every week! Over the past two years I did notice a slight change in my weight, but I was also eating better and exercising A LOT.

 Remember 20% is exercising and 80% is dieting to achieve a healthy weight, so eating an avocado then munching on your regular junk food won't help your cause.